Labor Law

VMF provides legal advice on all aspects concerning individual and collective labour relations. We have extensive knowledge and a vast experience in dealing with labour issues, which enable us to provide practical solutions to the complex matters our clients must deal with.

With a special emphasis on preventing conflict, we provide advice on all aspects of the labour relations and labour law and specially on:

  • Compensations and labour benefits schemes; complex hiring schemes and contracts; termination and resignation by high cadres, executives and senior managers.
  • Hiring of local workers by foreign companies.
  • Repatriation of employees.
  • Collective bargaining and resolution of collective labour conflicts:
    • Negotiation and design of collective bargaining agreements.
    • Strategies for overcoming collective conflicts.
  • Employers’ contributions:
    • Advice on taxable bases for contributions, challenges to debts with unions health insurances and with the tax authority.

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