Argentina has established itself as a destination for mining investments in South America. The enormous potential of the Country’s natural resources places its different regions in the best positions in the World investment rankings (for example, the Fraser Institute).

The ownership of the mineral resources in Argentina belongs to the pertaining Province or to the Federal Government, depending on the location of these resources.

The general strategies and the tax policies are established by the Federal Government, while permits and authorizations, and environmental controls are in charge of the local authorities.

VMF provides comprehensive advice for mining projects, including federal requirements, local regulations. Through our own and associated offices in Buenos Aires and in the main mining Provinces throughout the Argentine territory, we accompany our clients from the starting of the project and the forming of the company in Argentina processing the required registrations and exploration permits, along the various phases of consolidation of a mine.

Our professionals provide advice on the layout of very complex business structures that allow carrying out the enterprises. In addition, we advise on the subsequent financing rounds that allow the accomplishment of the exploration, in cases of direct investment and in Initial Public Offerings in various stock exchanges.
Our professionals accompany our clients in their relations with the local control authorities, environmental permits, and compliance with all the legal requirements.

Our clients range from junior companies to large market players. Cross border transactions are common in the mining sector. We have the knowledge and the experience in working with clients of different origins and backgrounds and know how to answer to the needs throughout the Latin American region.

We have advised numerous provincial governments in drafting their mining regulations. We have also advised a wide variety of international financial institutions as to local requirements.