Corporate Law

At VMF, we have a vast and rich experience in advising on the general aspects of commercial law in the aspects pertaining to the business operations a wide range of industries.

VMF’s professionals have sound experience in conducting complex transactions involving corporate, financial, and regulatory aspects.

With a practical approach to the business objective sought by our clients, our team provides dynamic and efficient counselling.  Small and medium family-sized businesses as well as large conglomerates find personalized attention in our firm, including regular reporting on the progress of their affairs.

We advise our clients on the different start-up modalities of companies in Argentina.
We accompany the development of the business organization with immediate responses to the corporate governance needs, including financing alternatives, investment projects and processes of corporate concentration and restructuring marked by mergers and acquisitions.

Much of our professional practice consists of advising on the suitable type of contract for each particular circumstance. We accompany our clients in understanding the object sought, in drawing up a business strategy and in building proposals. We stay by our clients’ side from the gestational stages until the signing of the final agreements: confidentiality, exclusivity and non-competition agreements, M&A, joint ventures and final post-closing agreements.

The choice of the optimal capital structure leads us to providing adequate advice on financing alternatives. In this context, we participate in the different financing rounds, the capital increases, all through until the final Public Offering of Shares at the domestic and foreign Stock Exchanges. Our firm is a pioneer in the issuance of Debt Security and the development of the securitization market in Argentina. We have advised both originators and vehicle entities, investment banks and risk-rating agencies.

Our clients benefit from a comprehensive coverage of their legal needs, including individual and collective labour issues, as well as commercial and administrative matters to be handled with the enforcing agencies and the relevant regulatory aspects concerning their industries.

The Anti-Trust rules require a thorough knowledge of the regulations in order to secure that corporate reorganization processes are carried out smoothly.

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