The Firm

Vitale Manoff & Feilbogen is a prominent and vibrant international law firm based in Buenos Aires, with a nation-wide network of its own and associated offices covering the whole territory of Argentina and extending to most Latin American Countries. Staffed by experienced and knowledgeable professionals and efficient and dedicated administrative personnel, our areas of expertise include all the branches of the Law and may other connected fields, as Finance, Accounting, Information Technology and Marketing. 

Our mission  is to provide expertise, knowledge, and dedication to our clients to assist them to achieve their legitimate goals. In the pursuit of offering excellent services and satisfying our clients’ needs, our endeavour is to help them to identify solutions and new business opportunities through practical and creative solutions.  

VMF in Argentina

Vitale Manoff & Feilbogen has developed a network of its own and associated offices throughout the country.

This allows us to meet the needs of our clients at the core urban centres, where the main trade and finance decisions are made, as well as in the locations where the production and the activity take place. Although Buenos Aires is still the nerve centre of economic activity in Argentina, our Firm has understood that we need to satisfy demands of a vast and decentralized territory. Indeed, our presence in each one of the Provinces of the Country makes us familiar with the economies of each Region and allows us to become aware of the expansion of the specific productions and of matters where our advice and expertise may be useful.
Exchanging experiences among the different territories covered by our Firm has proven useful for our professional practice, to better serve our clients. 

VMF abroad

VMF’s international vision has led us to build a sound network of cooperation with outstanding law firms in Countries with which Argentina has most of the investments and trade exchange.

The formation of the Mercosur, including in its first stage Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay has promoted the commercial exchange of goods and associations among companies from different countries. Argentina is connected by traditional bounds with the other Latin American countries, as well as with the main nations of the World. Our Firm maintains fluid professional relations with prominent professionals and law firms from the Latin and North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania.

“To help them boost their business and solve their problems, we get to know our clients well"