Business organizations

VMF provides advice on varied legal matters concerning the present business world and particularly, on complex company conflicts, negotiations concerning restructuring, and M&A of corporations and compliance with the rules applicable to the daily life of a modern business organization.

We advise on and carry out all procedures concerning company formation and incorporation, the negotiation of agreements among shareholders, share syndication agreements, advice to boards of directors, auditing committees and supervisory boards; preparation and holding of shareholders’ meetings, mergers and splits, and company dissolution and liquidation.

We participate in the drafting and amendment of company bylaws, applications for transfer of jurisdiction, removal or resignation of company directors and representatives, capital increase, transfer of shares and of interests. We provide for the accurate entry of such issues on the corresponding accountancy books and inform the Companies Registry.

VMF has advised on the different start-up modalities for companies that settle in Argentina, with local and/or foreign members interested in participating in local companies or in establishing branches in Argentina. We have accompanied our Clients in these ventures, and throughout the growth and development of their business, providing useful and practical legal advice also during financing rounds, attending to their daily needs.

The professionals of this Department dedicate part of their time to teaching at universities and writing for related publications.

Many of them maintain regular contact with officials from agencies and supervisory bodies ruling commercial organizations, such as the Companies Register (Inspección General de Justicia), the Stock Exchange (Comisión Nacional de Valores) and the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic, which keeps them knowledgeable and updated as to the administrative procedures and requirements of each pertaining area.

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