Argentina has developed an internationally avant-garde agricultural and livestock market using highly efficient applied technology to the industrial agribusiness processes. This includes not only the activities deriving from the production of raw materials for food and energy, but also the development of technology, the industrialization of products, as well as their transportation and commercialization in domestic and international markets.

The regulation of this sector has progressed concurrently with the incorporation of new technologies, the incorporation of new contracting and financing systems. In effect, agribusinesses have undergone a true revolution.

VMF provides advice on the following issues:

  • Formation and functioning of the agricultural-livestock company
  • Lease contracts
  • Share-farming contracts
  • Farm capitalization, exchange and irrigation production contracts
  • Exploitation partnership agreements
  • Financing through banks and through capital markes, trusts and securitizations (exports receivables). Real and personal guarantees. SGR and Warrants
  • Real estate business. Special regulations and restrictions
  • Intellectual property laws concerning seeds and phytogenetics inventions. Biotechonolgy patents. Transgenic varieties. Seed sale contract with extended royalties.
  • Laws promoting the production and sustainable use of biofuels, renewable energies: biodiesel, bioethanol and biogas. Standards.
  • Real estate projects

VMF advises clients on real estate matters, from simple purchase and sale operations to the structuring of all aspects in the development and financing of large projects.

We represent regional and national clients in a wide range of real estate developing projects throughout the country, including mixed-use developments, industrial developments and public projects involving the acquisition of property. We advise on the development of projects and their financing, including the formation of Financial Trusts in Capital Markets. Processing of licenses and permits of all kinds; construction contracts.
Among VMF’s clients there are property owners, national and international developers, governmental entities, domestic and foreign investors and lenders; real estate investment trusts, mortgage banks, life insurance companies, first-line financial institutions and other lenders, and consultants in all the aspects of commercial real estate and land use.