Trust Structures for Businesses

The use of Trusts in a wide variety of businesses has become a well-established tool in Argentina. This is due to the protection offered by the isolation of assets that are meant to be devoted to a certain project in a separate estate, untouched by the risks concerning the participants.

VMF has advised clients on the following trust businesses:


  • Real estate projects at different scales: residential or office space, urban developments, hotels, etc.
  • Financing and security vehicles
  • Financial trusts with different underlying assets: mortgage loans, personal and consumer loans, future flows from credit cards, exports, road tolls, etc.
  • Estate planning (family)
  • State (Government) infrastructure funds

VMF has provided legal advice in these types of transactions to Trustors-investors, real estate developers, investment banks, governmental entities and insurance companies.

Our lawyers continuously participate in Congresses and Seminars on this matter, where they lecture on the different affairs where they have participated, where they convey their experience and achievements in professional environments.