Maritime Law

VMF advises on legal and regulatory issues concerning shipowners, insurance companies, carriers and port service companies. We have provided valuable legal services also to international certifying companies.

VMF represents Argentine and foreign companies requesting exemptions from coastal navigation taxes and authorizations to work with flag of convenience. 

We help clients to process temporary imports before the pertaining authorities, enabling them to conduct their business upon temporary contractual schemes.

VMF advises and carries out proceedings before different Governmental authorities, like the Argentine Naval Prefecture, the National Ships Registry, the Shipowners Registry, the Ministry of Transportation and the Ministry of the Economy. 

Each type of activity requires adequate knowledge of the applicable labour laws. VMF therefore interacts with the different maritime and transport trade unions. 

VMF has advised clients on a wide range of issues that required attention, such as registration with the pertaining entities, foreclosure of maritime pledges and ship liens, attachment and seizure of vessels, insurance policies and claims, general damage, salvage and towing, management and pool agreements.

VMF has intervened in the negotiation and drafting of various types of vessel charter contracts that reflect the agreements reached while observing the pertaining tax and customs requirements.

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