Insolvency – Bankruptcy

VMF’s professionals specialized in bankruptcy law and insolvency practices are supported by a group of specialists from various branches of the law who work jointly with accountancy professionals.

This is how the team approaches the complexities of insolvency and bankruptcy.

We have advised both types of clients: those who are undergoing financing and economic hardships and those who are the insolvent’s creditors. VMF has been effective in submitting arrangement schemes with creditors, which allowed our clients to successfully overcome temporary difficult circumstances. The reorganization processes have opened the possibility of refunding company operations on consolidated bases, according to the particular situation of each different sector.

It is worth highlighting the performance of VMF professionals in representing foreign creditors in domestic bankruptcy situations. Please find a review of the legal principles that govern this area in our Newsletter in the article: “Argentine Bankruptcy Proceedings and Foreign Creditors.”
VMF has provided comprehensive advice on bankruptcy to banks, insurance company and individual clients, in particular, on how to protect their interests upon their debtors’ insolvency.

There is a continuous case-law evolution in this field that is closely followed by our firm’s professionals, who have a privileged position in the Judicial environment, as they are regular participants and contributors in cases that settle precedents in bankruptcy matters.

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