VMF provides insurance advice concerning:

Corporate transactions involving joint-ventures, acquisition of insurance companies and insurance portfolios in Argentina.

Preparation of legal opinions on regulatory matters.

Preparation and review of reinsurance contracts and consultations on the legislation applicable to contractual formalization; drafting of guidelines for internal control, prevention of fraud and money laundering, and compliance.

Structuring of operations and preparation of strategic contracts involving insurance companies: insurance agency contracts, banking representation contracts, etc.

Litigation and arbitration involving massive portfolios.

Administrative litigation before the National Insurance Superintendency.

VMF advises clients of all segments of the insurance industry, including insurance and reinsurance companies, policyholders, insurance agencies, insurance-related disputes and litigation and corporate and regulatory matters.

We work with risk and underwriting agents, general insurance managers and third-party administrators. We represent financial organizations directly serving the insurance industry, from investment bankers and derivatives traders to private equity funds and investment advisers.

We have expertise and contacts in law enforcement and private investigation. Our lawyers provide fraud detection and prevention services. We advise insurers on good practices for handling claims, investigations, and litigation options for dealing with organized systemic fraud schemes.

Our attorneys maintain regular communication on behalf of our clients with local, State, and federal law enforcement agencies throughout the Country.

VMF advises clients on a wide variety of general corporate matters, including formation and admission of new insurance companies and capitalization and financing with commercial lenders and public and private capital markets.

We advise on merger and acquisition operations, as well as divestitures, involving insurance companies.