Banking and Finance 

The financial markets are in continuous change as a result of the incorporation of new technologies; new forms of financial operations are permanently introduced. This has required to update the applicable laws. Suppliers of financial services and their investors need a law firm understands their financial workings and the regulatory environment to be able to assess opportunities, develop new business and act rapidly.

VMF has represented domestic and foreign banks, financial services companies and intermediaries, insurance companies, private equity, hedge funds and investment banks.

We represent and advise financial institutions and investors in connection to:

  • Issuance of national, provincial and municipal public debt
  • Issuance of national and international shares
  • Assets securitization
  • Project financing
  • Trusts
  • Real estate financing and agricultural-farming business
  • Private banking and estate planning
  • Provincial sovereign issuances

In addition, we advise and represent our clients on a variety of other highly regulated financial services, including onshore and offshore insurance and reinsurance companies and producers, insurance agents, third-party administrators, pension funds and related administrators, and regulatory entities.