Public and Regulated Sectors

In 1995 Argentina adopted new laws that led to the found and develop a domestic assets-backed securities market.

VMF professionals with academic specialization from prestigious universities abroad have been continuously consulted since the very conception of the new legislation. From the very beginning, VMF has occupied a leading place in the development of this sector.

VMF’s professionals have provided advice to Originators from a wide range of sectors in analysing the feasibility of securitising their assets. Construction companies, Governmental housing agencies, insurance companies, provincial Governments, credit card issuers, hydrocarbon companies and mass consumption companies are among the clients that have required our services.

We have conducted numerous due diligence procedures on behalf of risk-rating agencies for their domestic and international assessment of risk.

Members of the Firm actively participate in Congresses and Conferences where the progress and prospects of this market are analysed. They are consultants and columnists for prestigious media such as Frank Fabozzi/International Management Corporation and the International Securitization & Structured Finance Report.

VMF boasts a group of highly trained professionals to participate in the many stages of a securitization process. Originator, Vehicle Entities, Credit Enhancement Providers, Risk-ratings and Comptroller Authorities find in us a valuable interlocutor with a deep knowledge of the legal system and of the tax, accounting and regulatory implications of each type of transaction.

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