Insurance collection – Debt enforcement

Collection of life and retirement insurance; civil liability insurance; traffic accident insurance; surety. Debt enforcement

Our professionals deal with insurance cases in multidisciplinary teams, analysing the claims and their consequences. Drafting of pre-litigation reports. Evaluation of psychophysical injuries by medical examiners. Drafting of medical reports on the resulting disability. Life and disability insurance. Administrative claims with medical and legal assistance. Negotiation. Mediation. Judicial instances.
Insolvency, business reorganization programmes and bankruptcy. Enforcement cheques, promissory notes and other debt instruments.
Creditors’ verification of claims in business reorganization and in bankruptcy. Follow up of cases. Submission of business plans. Filing for bankruptcy.
Court enforcement of payment and debt instruments (cheques, IOU’s, promissory notes, and negotiable instruments). Liens. Attachments. Foreclosures. Summary legal proceedings for collecting debts.
Drafting of contracts. Foreclosure of liens.
Study, analysis, preparation, drafting and enforcement of civil and commercial contracts. Purchase and Sale agreements. Barter. Mutuum. Assignment of interests and credits. Trusts. Franchising.

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