The energy market in Argentina is one of the most dynamic in the region. Extraordinary natural resources need to be transformed into energy so that Argentina may be self-sufficient, reduce, or eliminate its present imports.

Our team of professionals cover all the sectors in this industry, including electricity, gas, and oil. VMF not only provide advice to our clients on specific regulatory aspects of their sector but also guide them in areas that allow them to grow and develop, such as mergers, acquisitions, key project agreements, joint ventures and finance agreements.

VMF has developed extensive experience in the development of conventional resources, including Shale Oil & Gas. We have assisted our clients in international tenders called by National and Provincial Governments.

VMF has accompanied clients in a wide variety of energy businesses: The strengthening of the electricity system which included laying of new transmission lines, numerous renewable energy projects (solar and wind farms, as well as geothermal energy) and distribution of energy. After securing the first deals, VMF continues to accompany its clients in their successive projects.

VMF has also provided advice to governments and national agencies in designing energy policies and on scheduling enforcement thereof.

VMF’s professionals were called to provide advice on the PPP (3P) Public-Private Participation contracting and financing model that Argentina started implementing in 2018. In effect, the Firm is recognised as one of the main Law Firms in the Country for these type of transactions.